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Photographer Marc Robin (French, b.1943) is most noted for his work as an advertising & fashion photographer and his provocative, contemplative photographs of nudes in Fine Arts.

He is a contemporary of Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Francis Giacobetti, and Lucien Clergue. « Shapes alone do not satisfy me. They are cold, motionless; it seems necessary for me to stage them, to breathe life into them.

I have to introduce a story and add substance to my subject. What interests me is « la recherche plastique » which is a process of refining the gestures and movements which adds life and sensuality to whatever the subject is.»  

« Having listened the others, I learned considerably: from the detail that can make the difference to perseverance which allows to conclude ». Directing a motion picture has always been of a major interest and a goal to him through the writing of screenplays. Those last few years, this is his major preoccupation along with the setting-up with two creative directors’ friends an association « Kid’s Conscience »  for the protection of environment by the Cinema and the children of today and of the future. This atypical path allowed him to flow the world where Paris, Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Geneva became at times his home bases.

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